Patient Testimonials

At Robotic Surgery for women we take pride in our work and would like to hear what you have to say.


If you have a testimonial please contact us and provide your experience so we can share it with potential da Vinci candidates.


"I highly recommend robotic surgery.  My experience was wonderful.  By the 5th day my pain was minimal.  Totally opposite of the horror stories you here about the traditional procedure."

  - ADS

On Myomectomy…

"I recommend that any woman who has the option of robotic surgery, as opposed to the traditional laparotomy, choose the robotic surgery.  The recovery time is shortened in half.  Secondly, there is less scarring and the pain and discomfort are minimal.  If you face this decision and have never had the option to have children, this is the only solution.  Dr. Rivard and her staff are GREAT!!  She is a doctor who is concerned about her patients throughout the entire process.  I would make the same choice again.  Thank you Dr. Rivard and Staff."

  - DMP

"I want to inform other women and especially African American Women that you may have other options if your physician has recommended a hysterectomy.

I was facing a third surgery and bladder problems due to large fibroids.  After talking with Dr. Rivard; we decided Robotic surgery would be a good option for me.

I was very nervous about having the hysterectomy.  I imagined my recovery would be similar to my first fibroid surgery 10 years ago. I expected to have soreness, abdominal pain, possible damage to my bladder, and at least six weeks of recovery. Fortunately, I had none of the symptoms that I experienced 10 years earlier after my robotic assist Hysterectomy.  I had minimal discomfort, mostly tenderness at the incision site and I went home the next day.

One week after surgery, I went back to work on a part time basis and after two weeks, resumed most of my daily activities. I recommend to women who are facing a hysterectomy to explore the Robotic Assist option."

  - Carla

About Chronic Pelvic Pain…

"I was very impressed with my robotic surgery and how well I recovered.  When Dr. Rivard said in just a few days I would feel okay I thought no way.  But guess what, I was.  I feel the best I’ve had in years and in 2 weeks I was healed and ready to return to work. The surgery was the best thing I did for myself in a while and I have had no more pain."

  - Charlene S.

"In September of 2007, I underwent a hysterectomy.  Dr. Rivard informed me of a new procedure using a robotic machine.  I would be the first woman in Guilford County to have this done.  Because of the size of my uterus my only other option was to have a traditional hysterectomy with a large abdominal incision.  As it was, I awoke with only 5 small incisions.  After one night in the hospital, I was released to go home and rest.  Eight days after surgery I was on a plane to a conference I had to attend for work.  I was amazed at my quick recovery and my ability to return to work in just over a week’s time.  Dr. Rivard and her staff were wonderful and I felt extremely well cared for throughout my stay.  If robotic surgery is available to you, I strongly encourage you to consider it.  I have my life back now and because of  the  robotic surgery program the path was very smooth and easy."

  - Kristi